雅思口语|Parties 高分答案+解析

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这也是雅思口语第部分和第二部分常考的话题,但仍有考生在回答时出现逻辑混乱的情况,如:—do you like to go to parties? —to be honest with you, i’m really into parties because, you know, i almost go to parties every two days. 这个回答中的每隔两天去次派对仅仅算是结果,不能作为喜欢去的原因。又如:—who do you think enjoys parties more, old people or young people? —well, i think both old people and young people can enjoy parties. 作答时定要明确选择种,不要出现上面这种回答。

q1:do you like (to go to/going to) parties? [why/why not?]

i find it appealing to go to parties, especially when my closest friends are present. at a , we can get to know our friends in a deeper way and have the opportunity to meet new people. moreover, there are a wide number of enjoyable activities such as playing games, dancing or singing.

q2:do you often go to parties? [why/why not?]

i don’t often go to parties since i am not frequently invited to these get-togethers. during special occasions such as weddings or birthdays, i may be asked to go to a . this occurs about once or twice a year and i am always eager to attend these social gatherings as they provide reprieve from my studies.

gathering [ˈɡæðərɪŋ] n. 聚会

reprieve [rɪˈpriːv] n. 暂缓(痛苦、烦恼),暂时缓解

q3:when you go to a , what do you usually do?

when i go to a , i tend to mingle with the guests and get to know them. although i am not the centre of attention, i am not timid to greetstrangers for the first time. when there is music, i may dance or sing if most of the attendees participate.

mingle with 加入,混入(人群)

timid [ˈtɪmɪd] adj. 胆小的

attendee [ˌætenˈdiː] n. 出席者

q4: what do you think are the benefits of parties?

parties provide a magnificent platform for people to get to know each other in greater detail. there are also fun activities for participants, which could provide a method to relieve stress. additionally, it can assist some goers to forget the troubles in their lives and enjoy their relaxation time.

magnificent [mæɡˈnɪfɪsnt] adj. 华丽的

in greater detail 更详细地

participant [pɑːˈtɪsɪpənt] n. 参与者

relieve stress 缓解压力

goer [ˈpɑːtɪˌɡəʊə] n. 喜欢社交聚会的人